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     A black dog appeared at the edge of the trees, solemn, like he was coming to pay his respects. I stood, suddenly a child again, like when we would pretend there were wolves behind every trunk and were spooked any time a twig snapped.

     “I’m sorry,” I murmured to our ghosts, but it didn’t seem like nearly enough.

"Faking It"

By Ali J. Varden

(as Ali Junkins)

Sigma Tau Delta Journal

     You don’t drive anymore. No one revoked your license so you threw it in the lake, imagined it tumbling, gliding as it sank, your pinkish face pressed against the silt, buried by your guilt.


By Ali J. Varden

Vine Leaves Literary

     It was different from the other brightly lit fluorescent tents, its dark drapes almost lost in the shadows. But a small opalescent sign reflected the light from the other venues, summoning her like a moth to flame and proclaiming The Oracle: Futures for a Price.

"Futures for a Price"

by Ali J. Varden

The Tower

University of Montevallo


About Ali J. Varden

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Ali J. Varden 

is an author based in Maryland. She was most recently published in Vine Leaves Press's international journal for her short story "Breathing" and in Sigma Tau Delta's international journal for her short story "Faking It." She's currently working on a YA Fantasy novel.


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